2016│ Vayered Avir ‘Oseh Shalom

Screenshot (45)Benjamin Rosner grew up attending services at KAM Isaiah Israel in Hyde Park, Chicago, where he was exposed to the music of Max Janowski. At 13 he took up classical guitar, earning a scholarship to the University of Miami’s conservatory program. While at UM he led musical Shabbat services at Hillel. He went on to graduate from the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City. As cantor of Congregation Beth Shalom in Pittsburgh, Penn. he trained and conducted volunteer choirs and a band for participation in services, concerts, and other events. He also helped spearhead open mic performances at the local kosher Dunkin’ Donuts, bringing together musicians and fans from across the Jewish community. He currently serves as Cantor at Mosaic Law Congregation in Sacramento, CA. More of Benjamin’s work can be found at cantorben.com.