2013│Et Tzemah

Besamim was formed at Camp Ramah Darom in 2009. Three members are from Florida: Samuel Rotenberg (West Palm Beach), Samuel Rosenbaum (Boca Raton), and Marcy Morris (Boca Raton); Elisha Brodsky is from Jerusalem. Sam and Sam have been writing Jewish music together since they were in high school and in 2009, when they were on the music staff at Camp Ramah Darom. Marcy Morris began singing with them there.  Elisha joined Camp Ramah Darom music staff in 2011 and became Besamim’s drummer. Their music reflects the contributions that each  brings to the song-writing process. Besamim’s music has taken root in the Ramah Darom community, and in the Jewish community of South Eastern Florida at large. www.RockShabbat.com