2016│ Millenial Ve Shamru

Carl SayresCarl Sayres composes music grounded in traditional liturgy and nusach with contemporary elements.  At Congregation Beth Shalom in Seattle, he leads Yom Kippur services incorporating his “T’filat Halev”, a participatory Kol Nidre and Yom Kippur Musaf service, and Yom Kippur Mincha arranged for Cantor and Choir. He is a teacher of traditional Eastern European Nusach and davening, and presents musical Divrei Torah such as “How Leonard Bernstein used the music of the Slichot service to create West Side Story”, and “Veshamru: Two Centuries of Musical Interpretations”, tracing Jewish musical development from Salomon Sultzer to Debbie Friedman. On the lighter side, he has created two settings of the weekday Maariv service: “Le Maariv” using music from Les Miserables, and “Schmaltz” using music from Grease.