1st International Festival 2004

Shalshelet’s Inaugural Festival of New Jewish Liturgical Music took place November 13-14, 2004 at Temple Shalom, Chevy Chase, Maryland.  At a concert and three workshops 30 new compositions selected for the Festival (the work of 18 composers from the U.S., Uganda, and Argentina) were introduced. The Inaugural Festival was made possible in part by grants from the Rita Poretsky Foundation, the Temple Israel Foundation, and the Nat Saks Jewish Education Fund. Read about: “Singing God Into Jewish Lives” “Little Treasures Are Out There” “Styles ranged from classical to folk to jazz to pop to Hasidic…they were all well crafted and useful additions to the Jewish liturgical repertoire, which is, after all, what Shalshelet is aiming for…the variety was remarkable.” –– Joan Reinthaler     The Washington Post

Festival Composers and Compositions

Unless otherwise noted, all of the compositions below appear in the 2004 Festival Songbook. Compositions included on the 2004 Festival CD:

  • Emil Berkovits The Peace of Jerusalem, Avinu she ba Shamayim
  • Fred A. Blumenthal Ashrei
  • Carol Boyd Leon Shalom ‘Aleikhem, Nakum Uvaninu*
  • Stephen DeCesare Eli, Eli
  • Mary Feinsinger Sim Shalom, Yevarekhekha
  • Sylvia Goldstein Ve Heishiv Lev, Shiviti
  • Terry S. Horowit El Adon, Ilu Finu, Neshama she Natata Bi
  • Evette Nan Katlin Hashkivenu
  • Shirona Kaufman El Adon, Har’ini
  • Ira Scott Levin Hashkivenu
  • Jeff Marder Shalom ‘Aleikhem
  • Keith G. Miller  Ashrei
  • Wendy Morrison Mi Pi El , Im Ein Ani Li Mi Li, Tzur Mi Shelo
  • Ken Richmond ‘Al Ken Nekaveh, Yidgdal, Psalm 92
  • Hernan Marcelo Rog Modim Anahnu Lakh
  • Lawrence Rush Sim Shalom
  • Rebecca Schwartz Yedid Nefesh, Birkat Ha Nerot
  • Gershom Sizomu Lekhu Neranena

Honorable Mention*

  • Esther Broochian Etz Hayyim*
  • Marsha A Dubrow Mah Tovu *
  • Robert Howard Roth Adon Olam* *not published in the 2004 Festival Songbook