by David Berkenbilt

recorded live at Shalshelet’s 2nd International Festival, 2006

> Hanukkah light, eight flames burning strong, remind us the Maccabees fought the night long, for our right to believe and our right to survive, for the right to be free, for our children to thrive, for beliefs that we treasured, determined to win, they fought with the burning of light from within.

> Hanukkah light, eight trembling flames, the glowing menorah in silence proclaims the struggle for freedom, the batttle now won, yet cries for the loss of each daughter and son, of friends and of foe, all alike feel the pain, all weep the same tears for the ones who were slain.

> Hanukkah light, just barely a glow, pure oil for the light had become very low but it burned for eight days and eight nights without cease. Would that wondrous light hold a promise of peace? In this world full of trouble we pray that each home will change misunderstanding to eternal SHALOM.