2016│Ma Nishtanah

Jimmy CostelloJimmy Costello, raised on the songs of Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger, immersed himself in the music of Shlomo Carlebach in Israel. He plays Jewish Folk Music and also has a chassidic rock band, Sidelox. As the Musical Maggid he uses his guitar, harmonica and smile to create an atmosphere of oneness and joy from Reform temples to chassidish shteiblach, Chabad houses to Camp Ramah, preschools, hospitals, beaches.  Other than singing Shabbos songs with his family, his favorite tefillah is Musical Hallel. 40 plus minutes of singing, dancing and davenning with whole body and soul every Rosh Chodesh at Yeshivas Doresh in Miami. More of Jimmy’s work can be found at www.musicalmaggid.com.