The mission of Shalshelet* is to enhance spirituality and build community through the creation and dissemination of Jewish sacred music.


We believe that Jewish sacred music has the power to link Jews, affiliated and unaffiliated, across all denominations. We believe that music, when inspired by sacred text, can provide fresh insight and depth, enriching the spiritual lives of Jews and non-Jews alike. We believe that it is essential to unearth and encourage the creation of such music that is being created all over the world. The common tie of sacred music will link Jews in a broader and deeper sense of community, and will enhance the vibrancy of the Jewish people.

Strategic Goals

  • Discovery: Stimulate the writing of new Jewish sacred music, and find hidden gems of music that deserve a broader audience.
  • Dissemination: Make this new Jewish sacred music available to a broad community.
  • Support Composers: Encourage the creation of new Jewish sacred music by nurturing those who are creating it now or who may be inspired to do so.
  • Community: Utilize new Jewish sacred music to build bridges across the entire Jewish community.

*The word shalshelet means chain in Hebrew. It is a rare accent for the reading of sacred texts that occurs only four times in the entire Torah.