What People Are Saying About Shalshelet

It was wonderful to meet and learn with the other composers, and to be inspired by their example. Most of all, though, it was such a pleasure to see what ….the Shalshelet board and staff have created: a truly non-hierarchical community, representing musicians from across the spectrum of Jewish life…humble and generous artists who are eager to share their work and create music.
– Julie Batz, California

The concert was exciting and, yet, what I enjoyed most was the day of workshops. Composers talked about their compositions, and explained that magical process by which a text finds its melody–the very moment whenwords meet rhythm and pitch.
– Cantor Janet Roth Krupnick, New Jersey

It was a real blessing to share some time with you in DC. What an amazing team of composers, interpreters and staff! Shalshelet is doing awesome work.
– Manel Frau-Cortes, Pennsylvania

What an absolutely amazing evening it was…The soloists were all first class, and the choir was in TOP FORM. … Hat’s off to Dr. Tasat and all the others involved in this venture of love.
– Judy Davis, Maryland


My column for my synagogue’s current newsletter is on the subject of ‘Am Yisrael Chai!’ and the Shalshelet experience in Washington, DC motivated me to really rethink the meaning of that oft-used phrase that seems so hackneyed. If there ever were a truer manifestation of ‘Am Israel Chai!’ it is Shalshelet. I have never experienced such an all-embracing, inclusive Jewish spirit than what Shalshelet has created. What was unexpected was the deep learning that has emerged for me from the Shalshelet ‘collective’. To be continued!
– Cantor Dr. Marsha Dubrow, New Jersey

It gives the Jewish world an idea about what music is all about – it is not only the daily prayers, the Shabbat prayers, the holiday prayers, but it is the soul of Jewish music that is brought to the world. We had it many years ago with the Israeli Song festivals but that wasn’t enough and that kind of tapered off. Shalshelet is a perfect vehicle for this type of outreach to the Jewish world.
– Cantor Emil Berkovitz, Massachusetts

The reality is that musical gems can be found almost anywhere and the Shalshelet foundation acknowledges that fact. Although I am a full-time Jewish music professional … my formal music training is limited. Yet Shalshelet selected my music for inclusion in the festival.
– Carol Boyd Leon, Virginia