2010Kinah le-Hurban Gan ’Eden
Concert performer, recording artist, composer, educator and ethnomusicologist Hazzan Richard Kaplan serves Conservative Temple Beth Abraham in Oakland, CA and the Shir Hashirim Minyan in Berkeley, CA. He specializes in Mizrachi and Hasidic music, as well as in the relationship between Jewish mysticism and music. His three CDs of Jewish World Music include Tuning The Soul (1999), Life of the Worlds (2003), and The Hidden One (2009), and he has also produced recordings in collaboration with Rabbi Moshe Aharon (Miles) Krassen (Invoking the Seven Beggars) and Kabbalistic Psychotherapist Estelle Frankel (The Kabbalah of Chanukah and The Jewish New Year). His formative years found him immersed in Zen Buddhism, Taoism, Siddha Yoga and Sufism, and on the musical side, rhythm and blues, Classical music, World Music, Early Music, and jazz. A former college professor and choral conductor, he holds an MA from UC Berkeley in Musicology. www.kaplanmusic.com