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 Steven Greenman is a practitioner, composer and teacher of traditional East European Jewish klezmer violin music.  He has self-produced two recordings documenting his original Jewish and klezmer compositions with Stempenyu’s Dream (2004) and Stempenyu’s Neshome (2010), the latter containing his original melodies.  A co-founder of the Khevrisa ensemble with cimbalist and historian Walter Zev Feldman. he is also co-producer and lead performer of the recording Khevrisa – European Klezmer Music on the Smithsonian Folkways label.  He also performs Hungarian nota, Romanian lautari music and urban East European Gypsy music. He performs with the ensemble Harmonia and has been a guest soloist with the Cleveland Pops Orchestra, the Canton Symphony and the Akron Symphony performing his own arrangements. www.stevengreenman.com