Submission FAQs

I submitted a composition to an earlier Festival and it was not selected. May I re-submit it?

Yes, but it must be accompanied by a new application and appropriate application fee.

I asked a Shalshelet Board member to listen to my music. Is that the same as submitting my work to the Festival?

No! For your work to be considered for the Festival, it must be submitted according to the guidelines. Also, if someone on the Music Review Committee has previously heard your work and recognizes it, that person will have to recuse him or herself from the review process.

I am submitting three pieces and have recordings of each. Do I need to submit them on three separate CDs?

No. They can all be on the same CD, and you only need to send one copy of that CD. And if work you are submitting is on a CD along with other work not being submitted, indicate which track or tracks relate to your submission(s).

My composition is an entire Shabbat service.

We understand that a composer might consider this as one composition, but for the purpose of the Festival we require that individual elements be submitted separately. In this case you could submit up to three pieces from your service. You would not be able to submit the entire service.

My composition contains my own original lyrics. How do I know if this falls within the guidelines?

Past Festivals have included an original zemer for Havdalah, an original song for a commitment ceremony, and a Hanukkah song with original words. Each employs references to traditional text though the lyrics are original. You are welcome to contact us for further guidance.

I live abroad and can’t send submission fees in US currency.

You can make a secure payment via PayPal on this website. If you are not able to submit payment this way, please write for further instructions.

I’m not sure whether my piece meets Shalshelet’s criteria of not having been previously published.

If you are uncertain about this, it is very important that you send an email query or call so that we can advise you. Please be aware that Shalshelet reserves the right to exclude a composition even after it has been selected for the Festival if we learn that the composition has not met the guidelines.

My piece was recorded professionally but I do not have the rights to that recording.

Again, this is a situation that must be clarified. Please send an email or call before submitting the work.

I’m concerned that the recording I am sending you is not professionally produced.

You do not need to be concerned about this. We want to be as inclusive as possible and welcome submissions from people who are not professional musicians and/or do not have access to professional recording equipment.

What should I do if I think someone might recognize my voice on the recording I am sending you?

Consider having your piece recorded by someone else to avoid complications that can arise with recognition.

How will I know if my work has been selected?

Selections will be announced on or before September 1 and will be posted on our website. Composers whose work has been selected will also be notified by Shalshelet as soon as possible once the Committee has completed its review.

May I send my submission electronically? 

Yes. You may send all or part electronically, including recordings if they are in a compressed format. If recordings are not compressed, please email for further instructions.  The application pages will need to be signed and scanned. Scores may be sent as PDFs.