2008Tov LeHodot • Da’ • Ohila La-El
2006Shalom Rav • Bidvaro
2004El Adon • Ilu Finu • Neshama Shenatata Bi
Cantor Terry Horowit taught herself guitar at the age of 10 and started writing folk songs a couple of years later, continuing to compose for guitar and voice through graduate school at Brown University. After a hiatus of many years, her lifelong love of folk music combined with a profound respect and appreciation for Hebrew text led her to begin composing settings for prayers and liturgical texts. Her music has been chosen for all three Shalshelet Festivals. She completed the cantorial certification program at Ma’alot Seminary in Rockville, Maryland where for 15 years she tutored b’nei mitzvah and taught adult classes in cantillation and aspects of Jewish practice. She also was lead vocalist with the performing group Shalshelet (not affiliated with the Shalshelet foundation). In 2007, Terry moved with her family to Albany, New York where she is now the process of establishing herself as a teacher of trope and nusach, meeting local musicians, and creating a new performing group.  In Fall 2010, she fulfilled her dream of recording her original songs with the release of two debut albums, Zimrat Enosh and Bidvaro. www.CantorTerry.com